This summer find us in Algarve

An ancient land of olive, orange and almond trees, the Algarve region is a haven to cultivate silence and calm and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer life. Join us on our journey to southern Portugal.

We’re staying at Casa Um, a former shepherd’s shelter now run as guest-house by The Addresses. Pure minimalism, silence and raw nature.



The Algarve coastline is dotted with soaring cliffs, sea caves and golden beaches. Praia dos Três Irmãos has it all: breathtaking cliffs over the crystalline Atlantic ocean, red-coloured arch formations, caves that appear and disappear with the tides, and the finest, softest gold sand in the area. Right after a swim in the ocean, we will get a table at Caniço, a restaurant build within a cliff. Locally sourced fresh fish and seafood and the best views over the ocean.



Praia do Boneca is undoubtfully worthy of a visit. The unique shapes and colours of its rock formations are the result of years of waves, winds, currents and tides. Located in a rocky bay of the Costa d’Oiro, this small beach is only accessible during low tide by a steep, narrow track leading down from a cliff. Once there you’ll know you’ve found a paradise, slow down and wait for the sunset. And make sure to bring a flashlight to make climbing back easier as it starts to get darker.




Photography by Nuria Val & Coke Bartrina