A thoughtfully crafted skincare routine to develop your mind-body connection throughout pregnancy.Our most gentle essentials to keep the skin hydrated, enhance elasticity, and prevent and minimize stretch marks.

For mom: A combination of Organic Rose Water and Organic Rosehip Oil that used together will create an emulsion that will enhance elasticity and take care of your skin. Rosehip Oil is also great for preventing and minimizing stretch marks. Ghassoul Clay can be used to clean your face, as a weekly mask and as a body scrub.

For your baby: Our Organic Hemp oil soothes, heals and repairs any rashes, dryness or redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits. So calming, we love to apply it with a gentle massage over damp skin right after the bathtime. The Muslin Cloth is a super soft and delicate cloth to swaddle your newborn’s sensitive skin.